For over 25 years my desire has been to help golfers enjoy the game, hit solid shots and shoot lower scores.  20 of those years have been right here in La Quinta where I have been a top rated golf instructor since the late 1990's.  I have taught golf lessons in La Quinta to players of all skill levels, from beginning golfers  to PGA Tour pros.  In 2003, one of my students even won The Masters!   I envisioned myself becoming a golf instructor going all the way back to high school, where I would invest countless hours on the driving range trying to figure out my golf swing.  I tried to copy Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson and later Ben Hogan.  My search was endless and even though I had many ups and downs and false breakthroughs, in the back of my mind I somehow knew that all my experimenting and trial and error would someday benefit someone, if not myself.

After high school I was off to the University of Arizona where I became the student assistant coach for the Men's Golf Team.  Among the team members were Jim Furyk, Jerry Foltz, Robert Gamez, Mike Springer, and Eric Meeks who won the US Amateur.  They were an amazingly talented group and I felt very fortunate to be around them to watch and learn.  It was incredible to see these players hit the ball well with very different golf swings and putt well with many different putting strokes.  The individuality of the players always stayed with me and, at times, confused me as well.  I wondered how golf swings that looked so different could be so effective since the newest golf instruction at the time seemed to preach more of a position oriented, or method approach. 

Fast forward to 1989 and life after the U of A and I'm ready to tackle the teaching profession head on.  I worked and two different public courses in Albuquerque and then at El Paso Country Club where I met PGA Tour players, Paul Stankowski and JP Hayes.  What an experience for for a young teacher who had never met a tour pro.  EPCC was loaded with good amateurs, college players and other pros so it was a great place learn and increase my knowledge.  During my two years there I began to use video to improve my teaching and my own golf swing. The frame-by-frame slow motion allowed me to accurately see the club during the swing and helped me to communicate more clearly with each student.

After EPCC I moved to Orlando to work and train with David Leadbetter.  This training was very important because it gave me a framework for the positions of the swing as outlined in his book The Golf Swing.  My teaching improved but I was still missing critical information for making more of my lessons successful.  I was able to help good players quite often, but I struggled to teach players whose handicap was between 10 -30 because my lessons were often too technical and detailed.

Several years later after teaching tour players of many levels, including Mike Weir who won the Masters in 2003, I met Jim Hardy and started training with him and Chris O'Connell, Matt Kuchar's instructor.  Hardy was able to provide me the missing information I needed to become an effective teacher for golfers of all levels and his training opened my eyes to teaching lessons using mainly impact and ball flight while using video only sparingly.  My use of video now is for showing the student their main fault and cure while striving to keep the lesson as simple as possible. 

In recent years I have tried to using several online platforms to help me communicate with my students and keep track of their progress. This year I started my Remote Coaching Service using an amazing coaching app called Edufii.  My students can upload swings or questions to the app and when they post them I receive an immediately notification on my iphone. Edufii has amazed coaches and athletes in many sports and countries and has received rave reviews from my students.

Thank you for visiting my site and if you need assistance with your game try signing up for Remote Coaching.  I would be honored to help you improve your game.


Mike Wilson






Mike Wilson's Bio:

  • Teaching Professional, SilverRock Resort, La Quinta
  • Class A PGA Professional
  • Certified C.H.E.K. Golf Biomechanic
  • Level 2 Plane Truth Certified
  • '07 - '08 Desert Chapter of the PGA, Teacher of The Year      
  • 2 Guest appearances on Golf Channel's Academy Live
  • '93 - '99: Instructor, The David Leadbetter Golf Academy
  • '91 - '93: Assistant Professional, El Paso Country Club, Texas
  • '89 - '91: Assistant Professional, Puerto del Sol Golf Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico      
  • '82 - '89: Shop Assistant, Arroyo del Oso Golf Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Present and Past Client List:

  • Paul Stankowski - PGA Tour
  • JP Hayes - PGA Tour 
  • Mike Weir - PGA Tour
  • Jennifer Johnson - LPGA Tour
  • Dustin White - Tour
  • Ben Briscoe - Tour
  • Berry Henson - Asian Tour
  • Jill McGill - LPGA Tour
  • Mindy Kim - LPGA Tour
  • Team Hanwha Korean LPGA Tour
  • Brianna Do - UCLA and US Women's Amateur Public Links Champion
  • Mina Hardin - US Senior Women's Amateur Champion
  • College players who attend(ed):
    • U of A
    • ASU
    • UC Berkeley
    • UCLA
    • UC Northridge
    • UC San Marcos
    • U of Denver
    • UNC
    • UNM
    • UNT
    • U of Oregon
    • Pepperdine
    • USC
    • USD
    • SDSU
    • UT Austin
    • UTEP
    • Tulsa
    • Vanderbilt
    • WSU

Mike's Favorite Golf Books:                              

  • Harvey Penick, Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book
  • Jim Hardy, The Plane Truth for Golfers
  • John Jacobs Practical Golf
  • Ben Hogan's Five Lessons
  • Paul Chek, The Golf Bio Mechanic’s Manual
  • Lanny Bassham, With Winning in Mind
  • Dr. Morris Pickens,  Learn to Win